Satellite Weigh-In Instructions

! IMPORTANT ! – You must be logged into a Google/Gmail account to be able to Make a Copy, Edit, and Share the spreadsheet!  If you are not logged in, you will only have an option to download it.
1. Log into Google/Gmail account

Click on the link for the Satellite Weigh-In Template. If you have not already signed into Google, click Sign-In in the top right corner.

2. Make a Copy

On the Spreadsheet menu, go to File | Make a Copy.   Enter a new document name.  Include your club name and tournament name and click OK.

Add your club name to the top of the spreadsheet and add your wrestlers data.  The data will automatically save as you type.

3. Share spreadsheet with AYWO

When finished, click the SHARE button in the top right corner.  In the box where it says “Enter names or email addresses”, enter, the tournament director’s email, and anyone else you would like to share your spreadsheet with.

That’s it!

In the future, so you won’t have to re-enter all the information each time into the template, you can Make a Copy of your previous tournament’s spreadsheet, change the document name, add the new weights and any new participants, and then share that one.